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Company Brief

Our company was formed as a subsidiary unit for Vedika Exports (Tea) Pvt. Ltd, which is a packaging company that packs tea-bags, as job work, for many international clients. Some of its clients include Unilever, Organic India, Wagh Wakri and many more. Some of the products and services that Vedika provides are:

  • Spare Parts for Teabag Packaging Machines such as IMA (C21, C24, C27, C28), Tea Bag Machinery Spare Parts, Tea Bag Spares,Teepack (Constanta, Perfecta), Maisa etc.
  • Single Chamber Machine for Naked or Crimped Teabags: Vedika (S and C)
  • Sells used and refurbished machines
    • Double Chamber Teabag Machine: IMA, Constanta
    • Overwrapping Machine: Marden Edward
  • Sells ancillary machines:
    • Defective Tea bag Shredding/ Tea Tearing Machine
    • Tea Blending Drums
  • Custom projects:
    • Machine Overhaul: Constanta/ IMA
    • Bag/ Tag size change
    • Heat Seal Attachment for Envelopes in IMA C21
    • Crimping attachment for Constanta

Vedika currently supplies spares to over 20 countries with agents in Russia, Bangladesh and Egypt. Some of the clients we serve are Unilever, Ahmed Tea, Tata Tea, Finlay etc.

We use imported material with specialized hardness and coatings to improve product life and efficiency while maintaining prices at less than 50% OEM prices.

Why Us?

The incredible quality of our products such as Constanta Aluminum Wire Cutter, Thread Cutting Fixed Knife, Single Chamber Teabag Machine, Tea Packaging Bags, etc. enhance their demand in Indian as well as global markets. Manufactured by using top-class raw materials, our whole range is admired for its durability, dimensional accuracy, easy installation and corrosion resistance. Some other factors which make us preferable in the market includes:

  • We are backed by talented, qualified and hard working team members who are best in their respective fields.
  • Our customers are situated all over the world to whom we have been serving for the past several years.
  • Our company holds more than 30 years of massive experience and great knowledge in this sector. 

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